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Work From Home Made Secure & Productive

Just like working from the office

Secure Work From Home Compliance

Tetherfi solution holds internationally recognized certifications

Optimize Remote Work

Tetherfi solves common challenges contact centers and remote agents face while working from home

Secure Customer Data

Protect Agent Privacy

Enable Employee Collaboration

Deliver Consistent CX

Ensure Agent Happiness

Maximize Productivity

Tetherfi Secure Work from Home

Tetherfi Secure Work from Home (WFH) addresses remote working challenges using Edge-AI and Camera vision. Our solution secures sensitive data, meets regulatory compliance, and maintains business continuity while protecting agent privacy and wellness.

Simple & Secure Agent Login

Agents start their day by being identified with facial biometrics based on their active Profile ID. Positive identification allows access to secure applications and data.

Tetherfi integrates to the most common SSO solutions, such as Active Directory, SAML and OKTA to simplify the login process.

Proactively manage events that risk customer privacy

Use AI to identify unauthorized patterns or events such as an iPhone capturing the agent’s screen, multiple people viewing the screen or the agent missing from their laptop or device.

Tetherfi's WFH solution takes action real-time on triggered events. In addition, the supervisor can be notified for further coaching and support.

Allow supervisors to support their agents effectively

Enable alerts to allow supervisors to support their agents real-time. Agents can “raise their hand” if needing assistance during a challenging customer interaction to get support, or they just may need a few encouraging works based on emotion detection alerts.

Without infringing on the agents privacy, supervisors have the option to coach agents, change agent status, view live interactions, as well as track geolocation and active applications on the agents device.

Increase productivity and security with Edge AI Vision Models

Tetherfi’s AI vision models detect events which are updated based on system usage and observed accuracy. We continuously improve the AI models to recognize events that maximize agent productivity and security, and minimize false positives.

Tetherfi's Edge AI Vision models are adjusted based on actions and events captured throughout the agent’s day.

Make agent / supervisor collaboration easy

Enable work from home agents to connect, collaborate and communicate with supervisors, just like working from the office.

Supervisors and agents can proactively chat throughout the day to solve problems and better support the end customer.

Gamify the agent experience

Work used to be more engaging when we were all in the office. However, working from home can often get lonely, which can be unmotivating.

Connect agents with their teams, enable the ability to share fun photos and score points for being happy and engaged.

Ensure agent well-being with emotion detection

Allow supervisors to understand and support their agents based on how they feel. Tetherfi’s WFH solution identifies six basic emotions: distracted, disgust, angry, sad, happy and neutral.

Supervisors can check in on the well-being of their agents based on real-time events and notifications.

Trusted by Global Enterprises

Enterprises across the globe trust Tetherfi to support their work from home experience

Secure Work From Home Built For Hybrid Contact Centers

Seamless integration with existing agent desktop

Built-in agent / supervisor collaboration features

Coexist with other conferencing applications

Natively built for the cloud

Compact footprint with minimal network impact

Process events locally in milliseconds using Edge AI

Tetherfi is the most Secure Work from Home solution with the shortest time to implement

Business Benefits

Technology Benefits

Getting Started with Tetherfi. Fast and Frictionless.

Fast Implementation

Get started with an out of the box proof of concept in just a few days

Configure, not customize

Shipped with pre-built features that require minimal configuration

No Risk, just 100% compliance

Added insurance that your WFH environment is secure

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