Secure Work From Home with Tetherfi

Offer a seamless and secure work from home experience for agents, supervisors, and other users, just like working from the office.

Secure Login

Integrate facial biometrics with enterprise single-sign-on for faster and more secure login.

Emotion Detection

Identify six-basic human emotions to respond to agent needs proactively.

Identity Protection

Use facial biometrics to make sure your agents are who they are supposed to be.

Happiness Scoring

Use advanced features to discover how happy agents are while at work.

Agent Behavior Alerts

Identify agents behavior such as walking away without switching to aux mode or locking the device while exposing sensitive customer data.

Agent Activity Alerts

Detect unauthorized agent actions such as screen grabs, copy/paste, and web or application activity to prevent data misuse.

Unidentified Person(s) Alert

Detect if multiple people are in view of an agents device to protect against unauthorized access.

Camera & Devices Alert

Identify when agents use cameras, dual monitors, or any other unauthorized devices that risk data security.


Automated actions are configured based on events. Multiple actions, such as locking the agents screen, are configured based on your organizations security protocols.

Real-time Alerts

Alert supervisors in real-time when an event occurs that risk data. Allow supervisors to influence the AI models based on the real-time input.

Agent Check-in

Allow supervisors to ‘check-in’ with an agent to observe and support activities.

Proactive Coaching

Allow supervisors to support their agents as they service customers through their day.

Live Chat

Enable supervisors to non-intrusively communicate with their agents via chat.


Review agent productivity happiness and organizational trends to improve efficiency.

Ease of Use

Simplify the agent experience to protect privacy and enable communication.

Identify Trends

Review personal productivity and team trends to improve efficiency.


Allow agents to track their KPIs on interactive scorecards and drive self-improvement.


Promote healthy competition within the team with real-time leaderboards.

Clean-desk Policy

Ensure compliance with clean desk policy and stringent client and regulatory requirements.

Record Actions

Automate video recordings of events for audit and reporting. Define recording based on privacy rules set by your organization.

Complementary Solution

Leverage your existing infrastructure without ripping and replacing your contact center solutions.

Low Latency

Designed to work well even with low bandwidths, enabling remote work locations.

Remote Activation

Cloud-based solution that can be implemented remotely in just three simple steps.

Seamless Integration

Integrates/coexists seamlessly with existing infrastructures.

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